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OptScale One Pager

A high-level overview of OptScale platform – capabilities and benefits

OptScale Slide Deck

A full description of OptScale as a hybrid cloud management platform – product features, benefits and functionality

Malakoff Berhad Live Migration to OpenStack

Hystax Acura Live Migration: Malakoff Berhad Case Study

Drake and Scull International Live Migration to CloudAk Middle East Platform

Hystax Acura Live Migration: Drake and Scull International Case Study

Hystax Acura Live Migration and Disaster Recovery – e-shelter Innovation Lab Use Case

A description of a joint solution of Hystax, Canonical, Red Hat and TradeDX deployed at e-shelter Innovation Lab

Hystax OptScale Hybrid Cloud Management Platform overview

Hystax OptScale – Innovative cloud arbitrage platform with full IT budget breakdown, hybrid workloads provisioning, mobility and IT resilience.

Hystax Acura Cloud Migration and Disaster Recovery

Description of sophisticated solution Hystax Acura that helps service partners and end customers at any step of the cloud transformation journey.

Hystax Acura Live Demo

Shifting Gears with OpenStack. Our partner and integrator Fairbanks (Netherlands) presents Hystax Acura live demo at OpenStack Summit 2018 in Berlin.