All multi-cloud management needs met in one arbitrage solution

Impacting bottom lines with application inventory and cloud cost governance across all apps, CI/CD pipelines and ML models

A Different Multi-Cloud Cost Governance Platform

Hystax OptScale is a multi-cloud cost governance and application inventory software enabling companies to achieve full cloud spend transparency across applications and business units.

Maintain control over IT budgets spent on machine learning, high-performance computing and CI/CD jobs and successfully leverage cloud migration.

A Single Platform.
All Cloud Cost Governance Needs Met

Hystax OptScale provides companies with multi-cloud cost governance, application inventory, cost projection and cloud migration in a single pane of glass.

Benefit from projecting your cloud costs on other platforms, and have a unique position to negotiate when discussing discounts from public clouds.

Cost governance &
Smart cloud governance to define IT budgets and thresholds, and to forecast cloud spending
Custom budgets
for all assets
Full transparency of IT budget across clouds, business units, projects and users
Application inventory to maintain full control over cloud budgets
Cost projection &
cloud migration
Multi-cloud cost projection & fully-automated cloud migration
Efficient cost-cutting scenarios to ensure reducing of a monthly cloud bill

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The Key Pillars

Cost Governance &

Substantial smart, cost-cutting scenarios providing 360° IT budget transparency and ensuring 35% average monthly savings on cloud bills

Custom Budgets for Apps, CI/CD Jobs, ML and HPC

Map out organization units across cloud resources, define budget forecasts, set budgets and quotas, receive instant notifications and comprehensive reports

Cost Projection
& Cloud Migration

Project your expenses on other public clouds and eliminate vendor lock-in by utilizing any-to-any and fully-automated cloud migration

Control. Manage. Orchestrate. Save. It’s that simple

Hystax OptScale was designed as a one-stop solution that enables you to manage multiple cloud resources and achieve full cloud budget transparency.

Smart cost explorer helps you set budgets and monitor costs on each application, CI/CD job or machine learning, so that every cent in a cloud bill can be allocated to a specific business unit, team or project.

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