Multi-cloud arbitrage

Analyze and optimize cloud usage based on provisioning patterns and cloud performance, price and capacity

Cost optimization and

Cloud arbitrage based on
multiple criteria

Optimization insights for CI/CD jobs, business units and apps

Free cloud migration
and disaster recovery

Improved CI/CD Job and
Application Insights

With Hystax OptScale you get targeted recommendations about where and how it is better to run CI/CD jobs, individual resources and complex budgets.

Hystax OptScale tracks your organization cloud usage, identifies patterns and provides customer-focused insights based on data locality, cloud regions capacity, performance and price. OptScale scores every cloud availability zone for you in real-time to provision in the most optimal way.

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A Single Platform for Cloud Optimization,
Management and Arbitrage

Hystax OptScale is not another cloud cost optimization solution but a platform that combines optimization, budget and resource management, usage analytics, customer-focused insights, cloud migration and disaster recovery. You get regular recommendations and instruments to implement them.

Cloud cost optimization
Efficient cost-cutting scenarios to ensure reducing of a monthly cloud bill
Resource &
budget control
Full transparency of IT budget across clouds, business units, projects and users
IT Asset
IT Asset management to maintain full control over cloud resources
Cloud arbitrage
Unique cloud arbitrage insights targeted on your cloud usage
Disaster recovery & cloud migration
Free fully-automated disaster recovery & cloud migration

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The Key Pillars

Cloud arbitrage

Cloud arbitrage focuses on customer cloud usage, performance, cost and capacity, provides smart recommendations and workloads mobility to give you the best out of the cloud.

Cloud cost management & optimization

Hystax OptScale is a simple and powerful tool with smart optimization scenarios for every cloud account owner. It brings value from Day 1 as you can save up to 35% of your cloud bill.

Free cloud migration &
disaster recovery

Project your cloud expenses on other cloud platforms or regions and reduce cloud costs by utilizing free any-to-any cloud migration. Get fully-automated DR for reliable data protection.

Control. Manage. Optimize. Save. It’s that simple

OptScale analyzes your cloud usage and provisioning patterns for various types of workloads and recommends how to optimize your current workloads and efficiently create new ones. OptScale API takes your CI/CD job desired configuration as a parameter and returns a runbook with instance types, regions and availability zones returned by arbitrage mechanism as the best configuration for your case.

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