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Replace dozens of tools with a single, flexible Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

IT budget breakdown, hybrid workload provisioning, mobility & IT resilience

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Unique Hybrid Cloud
Management Platform

Hybrid workloads provisioning, smart transparent budgeting of automated jobs, sophisticated custom alert rules, cloud migration and IT resilience

Control IT Budget of your Team

  • Set up simple team structure
    and assign resources to users
  • Provision resources via OptScale
  • Get sophisticated alerts and integrate
    with your budget control procedures
  • Set custom tags and machine TTL rules
  • Set quota and budget for units,
    projects, and individual users
  • Get budget forecasts and reports

Supported Applications

Budget Transparency

Get budget breakdown and transparency across all business units, users, projects and individual cloud services. Set soft and hard limits. No penny will sneak past uncontrolled.

Resource Provisioning

Use OptScale dashboard to manage hybrid clouds with their virtual machines, volumes and network settings via single dashboard. Custom and mandatory tagging is supported. Create custom TTL rules to clean workloads according to your policy.

Sophisticated Alert Rules

Create custom alerts and notifications on events of instant workloads volume increase, budget exceed forecast and unusual behavior.

Hystax OptScale enables companies to keep team’s multicloud bill under control with instant budget forecasts and reports


Cloud Migration

OptScale gives you seamless experience of workloads mobility between public and private clouds. Complex migrations with network settings and orchestration are supported.

Business Continuity

OptScale provides business continuity with fully automated disaster recovery including best-in-class RPO/RTO values, storage-agnostic snapshots, orchestration functionality, and continuous data protection. 


Save of your monthly
cloud bill

“Leveraging Hystax technologies, we’ve been able eliminate most of the manual tasks to de-risk and accelerate customer migrations to our cloud infrastructure (months to weeks) while achieving higher customer satisfaction, reduction in migration costs and earlier revenue capture,”
Adrian Ma, COO at Silver Lining Systems.

Security and Audit

OptScale conforms to top security standards. You know exactly what data is utilized and how it is handled by software or its users. Custom user roles and audit capabilities bring full transparency to resource usage.