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Innovative Cloud
Management Platform

Cloud bill control and flexible provisioning scenarios in one place

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Hystax OptScale primary capabilities

  • Full transparency of all cloud budget across clouds, business units, projects and users
  • Multicloud asset management
  • Simple provisioning workflow via dashboard or API
  • Flexible alerts, custom tagging and TTL rules
  • Instant organizational business units and user recreation
  • Seamless cloud migration and cross-cloud disaster recovery with RPO/RTO of seconds and minutes

Keep Your Team’s Cloud Bill Under Control

Unique Hybrid Cloud Management Platform provides your company with IT budget breakdown, hybrid workload provisioning, mobility & IT resilience, instant budget forecasts and reports.

Simple Resource Management

Prevents budget overruns, sophisticated predictive reports, and automated optimization based on deep analytics of historical and current usage of IT environment

Supported Applications

Cloud Cost Management

  • View infrastructure cost and resource usage at a single dashboard
  • Get full IT budget transparency of automated jobs
  • Forecast cloud costs prior to migration
  • Build prediction models on hybrid cloud optimization
  • Improve cost-efficiency based on recommendations and predictive insights


Save of your monthly
cloud bill

“Leveraging Hystax technologies, we’ve been able eliminate most of the manual tasks to de-risk and accelerate customer migrations to our cloud infrastructure (months to weeks) while achieving higher customer satisfaction, reduction in migration costs and earlier revenue capture,”
Adrian Ma, COO at Silver Lining Systems.

Flexible Resource Provisioning

  • Single dashboard
  • 100% of standard R&D tasks covered
  • AWS-like provisioning
  • On-demand and reserved instances
  • Cloud templates

IT Budget Transparency and Breakdown

  • Real-time resource detection

  • Organizational structure recreation

  • Budgets and quotas assignment
  • Budget forecasts, thresholds and reports

Smart Alerts, Tags and TTL Rules

  • Resource tagging
  • Custom TTL rules
  • Sophisticated notifications and thresholds
  • Full audit events
  • Eliminate underused IT assets

Seamless Hybrid Cloud Migration

  • Execution of various migration scenarios

  • Migration of machine metadata and network settings
  • Flexible migration plans and fully automated orchestration
  • Migration from physical machines and any cloud platform
  • Unlimited number of test migrations

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Background replication of business applications, machines data, and metadata
  • Automatically generated DR plans based on replicated infrastructure
  • Restore all changes from DR site back to production workloads in minutes

  • Ensure significant economy on backup and disaster recovery

Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Get full budget breakdown

  • Configure budget exceed soft and hard limits

  • Use OptScale insights to optimize spendings

  • Get access guidelines and best practices across your industry