Project your expenses on other public clouds and migrate

Get unique value proposition when negotiating cloud discount with your current cloud provider

How Hystax OptScale Works

Hystax OptScale makes a cloud affordable and reliable by a unique mix of cost management, expense projection and cloud migration, helps companies break down costs and optimize their cloud spends.

Identify and monitor all cloud expenses across applications, CI/CD jobs and ML models to achieve full cloud cost transparency.

Cloud cost governance & transparency

Application inventory

Custom budgets for applications & CI/CD jobs

Cost projection & cloud migration

Flexible alerts, custom tagging & TTL rules 

Achieve full cloud spend transparency across applications and business units to keep IT budgets under control

Multi-cloud Cost Governance and Control

Hystax OptScale enables you to map out your multi-cloud consumption with respective business units and users across all cloud resources, including departments, teams or projects, set an owner responsibility for every resource


Application Inventory

Application inventory makes cloud cost governance and budget control easier than ever, enabling companies to monitor cloud spend and achieve full cloud costs transparency across applications.

Custom Budgets for Applications & CI/CD Jobs

A CI/CD jobs cost explorer helps you control spend on each pipeline and job, so that every cent in a cloud bill can be allocated to a specific business unit, team or project. 


Cost Projection & Cloud Migration

Hystax OptScale enables companies to project their cloud costs on other platforms, eliminate vendor lock-in by utilizing any-to-any cloud migration or get a unique negotiation position in discussing discounts from public clouds.

Flexible Alerts, Custom Tagging & TTL Rules

Hystax OptScale allows to create flexible alerts and thresholds, resource tagging, custom TTL rules and full audit events to track all actions for audit purposes.


Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud cost optimization insights include background optimization scenarios, unused & untagged resources detection, weekly resource ownership reports.

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