Cloud cost management

Improve AWS & MS Azure cost management,
simplify budget tracking & spending analysis
to reduce your cloud bill

Analyze Сloud Сost and Find Immediate Optimization Scenarios

Hystax OptScale fully supports AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms, that helps design the most efficient and reliable infrastructure based on these popular public clouds in terms of cost optimization, resources utilization and cloud consumption.

Hystax OptScale helps properly align budgets and control spends, get cost analytics and cost map with geographical expense distribution, identify optimization scenarios and implement them.

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Real-time cloud resource detection


Organizational & budget mapping


Flexible thresholds, TTL and cost constraints setting


Forecasts & cost optimization models


Reducing wasted cloud spend

Get multi-cloud cost analytics for discrete cloud resources, applications CI/CD pipelines, R&D projects

Real-time Cloud Resource Detection

Hystax OptScale allows to detect and auto-assign resources to specific budgets, business units or asset pools to get expense data, forecast spends. No untracked resources across all clouds.


Organizational & Budget Mapping

With Hystax OptScale you can map out business units & users against all cloud resources.

Smart cost explorer allows companies to set budgets and monitor costs for each business unit, application, CI/CD job to achieve full cloud cost transparency.

TTL and Cost Constraints Setting, Flexible Thresholds and Reports

Smart budget exceeds alerts and thresholds, resource tagging, custom automatic assignment rules and a detailed expenses report across all business units and users help companies take their cloud bill under control. With the right rules in place, companies can troubleshoot overspending issues before they ever occur.


Forecasts & Cost Optimization Models

Hystax OptScale provides you with smart recommendations, immediate optimization scenarios and enables a ready-to-use flow to map your cloud expenses to your organizational structure across the cloud platforms used. Instant budget forecasts and reports help achieve full budget transparency.

Reducing Wasted Cloud Spend

Hystax OptScale can assist you in identifying idle spends and allocate resources more appropriately towards users, units or business applications, while mitigating the risk of spending money on unused resources.


Cloud Account Time-lapse

Our innovative cloud management platform gives an opportunity for leaders and IT team to go back in time to review what happened in an account from a budget perspective and get full transparency of cloud expenses.

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